Used Cars Sell for More Than Brand New

If you’re feeling that the world has turned upside down, here’s more proof:

Karl Brauer is an executive analyst for, an online platform for people purchasing new or used vehicles, and he notes the odd realignment the semiconductor shortage has produced in car prices.

“It’s an unusual situation we don’t really ever see, where you’ve got mainstream, non-specialized, or unique vehicles, just used cars – high value ones – going up in value over the course of the past year,” he tells KTRH News.

We’ve told you for months about the shortage of new cars and the delays of waiting for delivery to get one that’s been ordered. This is a tangential effect of that. People are scarfing up used cars, and paying more for the vehicle than the sticker price when new.

“The single biggest factor for why a person would pay more for a used car than a new car is because they can get the car right now,” Brauer says. Instant gratification is a thing for people today.

Below is ISeeCars’ list of the 16 vehicles most prized as used cars today.

In Houston, where you might think trucks would be king, they’re not. “The top two cars in Houston are the Dodge Challenger and the Dodge Charger. These are not utilitarian vehicles like a truck or SUV. These are fun vehicles,” points out Brauer.

Let the record show that when everything went topsy-turvy in the world, Houston had fun!

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Photo: Courtney, Nikki

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