Election Integrity: Our Elections Deserve More Protection

We start this story with a hypothetical. If a person was caught on camera committing crime, plus there were also eyewitnesses who gave signed sworn testimonies, but when they arrived in court, the judge said I don't care about any of that, I am not going to hear your case. Would you say the victim of the crime had a 'baseless claim'? Just asking for a friend.

With the election integrity battle raging on here in Texas, the state Democrats are continuing their vacation in Washington (with no masks on their charter flight), even getting President Biden to chime in calling the Texas voter integrity bills "21st century Jim Crow assault." It's all about democracy, unless it doesn't go your way and you decide to flee the state.

With the continuous cries over 'voter suppression', along with voter fraud cases at an all-time here in Texas, props to the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) for doing an in-depth report on election integrity.

"There's plenty of evidence that election fraud has played a big role" said the honorable Chuck Devore, "And it's also true that there's been hundreds of millions of dollars poured into Texas, to exploit some of the weaknesses in our election code."

So what is really going on here? Is it voter suppression? Or is it election integrity? It all comes down to mail-in ballots. Last year, under the guise of Covid, Democrats across the country were able to get mail-in ballots approved with only a signature. And so now Republicans, are trying to tighten that up with an extra layer of security. For protection, not suppression.

"We saw about a five fold increase in the share of mail-in ballots" Devore told KTRH, "And our concern is that because Texas requires ID when you go to vote in person, but doesn't for mail-in ballots, that's why you start to see this shift in mail-in ballots because that's the weak part of the link."

People (thankfully, not all) who believe in a specific cause, will do what's in their own best interests for that cause, even if it's illegal, and especially if they get paid well on top of it. It's called corruption.

So there is no voter suppression of any kind. Talk about the 'big lie'! Plus, the majority of voters across the country from both parties, believe there should be voter ID. But you won't hear that from the mainstream media, just like you won't hear that the voting laws in Delaware are much more restrictive than they are in Texas, or Georgia.

Simply put, if you need to show your ID to verify your identity when you vote in person, then it's completely understandable, and common sense! to expect some form of verification for a mail-in ballot. If it's my ballot, is it really too hard or too much work to put the last 4 of my social? Come on, please.

"Then the signature is presumed to be valid" Devore said, "And that is a far superior, and more objective way of determining if that ballot, is in fact from that voter."

The truth shall set you free.


Photo: AFP

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