Get Ready For Another Mask Push As We Head Into Fall

Just when you thought it was safe to put away your mask.

As expected, when you follow the science, Covid has responded to the vaccine with variants, the latest being the 'delta' variant. Some experts say it more contagious, but not any stronger. However that hasn't stopped a new wave of fear and hysteria from the left, and the mainstream media.

Covid fear mongering is a newsroom favorite, and we know how the left feels about masks and lockdowns. And now there are rumblings that we could be headed for another 'mask mandate' in the fall, due to the delta variant.

"A lot of this is fear hysteria" said Dr. Brian Joondeph, "If you're vaccinated, the vaccine protects against it." And as for masks themselves? "The masks actually don't work to stop the spread of respiratory disease" said infectious disease specialist Dr. Robert Urso in an interview with KTRH, "It's this compliance issue, I don't know how we're going to get around it? They don't work, it just doesn't stop the spread of respiratory illness."

Dr. Urso also said he wished that masks did work, but that's not the case. In a way, you could say they have become like a security blanket for the left. Dr. Joondeph told KTRH, "It's crazy to go back to masking in-doors. The vaccine is protective, and masks don't work, so why are we doing that? I think it's an effort for the government, and the medical bureaucracy to regain control of the people."

That's a fair point. But even with the new delta variant, Dr. Urso doesn't think it's going to lead to another huge surge. "Here in Texas, with all of the people who have already had covid, and then we have a lot of people who have been vaccinated, I don't think we're going to see anything but little small pockets. I wish I could tell everybody to put the mask on and you'll be protected. That's a complete lie."

But as we saw for most of last year, when does the truth get in the way of a government controlled lockdown?

"All this fear mongering from Dr. Fauci, and government officials?" Dr. Joondeph said, "Unfortunately, they don't have a whole lot of credibility left at this point because they've been wrong on so many things."

Get ready to mask up.

Photo: Getty Images

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