Why Are liberal Judges Getting A Pass When The Left Talks Bond Reform?

We hear about it every single day. Violent crimes, committed by violent criminals who are out on PR bonds, followed by the outcries for bail reform.

The one thing you don't hear a word about? The liberal judge's who continue to let these criminals out to commit more crime.

Citing that enough is enough, law enforcement groups from across the state of Texas issued a joint press release urging officials to stop issuing bonds to dangerous criminals.

Ray Hunt, the executive director of the Houston Police Officers Union told KTRH, "We agree with 2nd chances, but we don't agree with 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th chances! This is ridiculous! This is why we have the number of deaths that we have here in Houston, and it's not just Houston, it's all major cities across the state."

Unfortunately though, so far in Houston, over 120 people have been killed by defendants who were out on bond. Hunt says it has to stop. "The judges in Harris County, they're not having to face the heat from the voters. They never have to go on the news. Start calling them out, and let's hear the names."

Most of the judges he's referring to are Democrats, who came in under the Beto O'Rourke in 2018. Attorney Mary Nan Huffman told KTRH that a lot of these judges want to wield their own form of social justice. "They equate PR bonds, and releasing people from jail as being social justice, but it's really not justice at all."

Plenty of blame to go around, but almost all of it is on the left. "Right now, the criminal justice system in Harris County is broken" Huffman said, "And it's not just one part of it, it's not just all the judges, it's not just the D.A., it's broken."

And it also a great reminder to all of us, that elections have consequences.

Defendant Standing Before the Judge

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