New Answer for the Tight Houston Housing Market

Houston area housing prices are rising as fast as available homes are disappearing. Built-to-rent subdivisions may be a good match for both young professionals and empty nesters who are looking for the single-family home experience. Built-to-rent subdivisions are a good fit for young families that want the single-home experience, but not the hefty down-payment, taxes and insurance. Juanita Jimenez Soto of Houston AARP says this style of living would also be appealing to retirees. "Maybe they are Empty Nesters. Wanting to live in a smaller, newer house. Here the maintenance would be left to someone else. When we age, those home repairs become more taxing!"

Millennials and Boomers

Empty nesters want to leave the burden of a mortgage and home maintenance behind, and younger couples and families want space and privacy with all-important up-to-date amenities. AARP's Juanita Soto says the mixture of family types is also good for the residents. "There's something to be said about living around people of various ages. Everyone has something to learn from other people's experiences! Soto adds: "Having no home-repairs is appealing to everyone!"

There are a few of these communities in the Houston area. The houses are new with up-to-date amenities, the grounds are well maintained and you can bring your pets.


For Rent-Eblast

Build-to-Rent CommunitiesPhoto: Getty Images

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