Law Enforcement Have a Message for Biden: “Let Us Do Our Jobs”

Still no end in sight to the surge of illegal immigrants pouring in across the southern border. This as some deputies and border agents say the Biden administration is keeping their hands tied.

A group of Texas sheriffs are hoping a federal judge will soon take action on their lawsuit against the Biden administration. They, several counties, and members of ICE say the White House won't allow law enforcement to detain or deport the vast majority of illegal immigrants, even if they are criminals.

“In order to do those things and deport or detain the vast majority of illegal aliens, you have to go to your superior and get prior written approval, which is never given,” Christopher Hajec, co-counsel with the Immigration Reform Law Institute, said.

The situation at the border is so bad, Hajec says their group, which represents the law enforcement members, has filed a preliminary injunction. They’re asking a judge to strike down President Biden’s policy.

“Biden has given entrée to these lawless cartels to come pouring in. There are constant car chases of smugglers with human cargo of illegal aliens, and the police have to go on these high-speed chases and it’s very dangerous,” he explained.

Hajec says what they are asking for is simple: to let law enforcement do their jobs.

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