Do Conservatives Have What It Takes To Take Back Our Schools & Our Values?

As we approach the six month mark for President Joe Biden, it truly is remarkable how much damage has been done to our country in such a short period of time.

Remember all of those promises about "unity" and bringing the nation back together? Give the Democrats credit, they have mastered the art of saying what people want to hear during a campaign.

But even with win after win after win, this time, they may have overplayed their hand.

Despite the nationwide re-opening, there are still a record number of job openings. Inflation continues to soar, gas prices are the highest they've been in years, and a fire has been lit at the grass roots level with the battles being waged over CRT.

"I think what we're beginning to see is that the left finally stepped across the line and everybody woke up" said author John Green who recently wrote about how we are now seeing a cultural 'realignment' in America. "Is this there where everything you've been telling us we should support leads? Because we didn't think this is where we were going."

Case point, a recent incident at a spa in L.A. that went viral, after a group of mom's were outraged that a biological man claiming to be a woman, was walking around naked in front of their six-year old kids.

"The women that were protesting actually proclaim that they are Democrats, and they support the LGBTQ agenda" Green told KTRH, "However, what they didn't realize is where that takes us. Naked men bathing with our six year old daughters, and it turns out, that's a line beyond which nobody is willing to go."

And it appears that line is getting deeper, as many Democrats who really just wanted to vote for someone other thank Donald Trump, are now dealing with a serious case of 'Biden remorse'. "A lot of people thought these initiatives they were seeing from the left seemed humane, and compassionate in theory" Green said, "I think the left pushed things just a little too far."

Going back to Bill Clinton, Democrats have championed their hypnosis over Hollywood, and the corrupt news media. But Green says the tide might be turning, as the left's radical agenda, is too radical. "I think there is a conservative awakening going on."

And we'll just how much, in next years midterms.

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