Covid Lockdown Easing - Pet Shelters Filling

Harris County Pets, the county animal shelter, saw higher adoption rates during the pandemic, and are now seeing higher pet surrender rates. Shelter Director Dr. Michael White. During the Covid Lockdown, people spending more time at home led to more pet adoptions. With businesses, schools and restaurants opening up, things are changing. The pandemic lockdown is easing - and animal shelters are filling up. Director of Harris County Pets, the county's animal shelter, Dr. Michael White says they are feeling the pain. "There are more people wanting to surrender animals than we even have space for --- and we're seeing more animals coming in! We have seen the number of dogs and cats being surrendered in the last couple of months. We are seeing more animals coming into the shelter than going out."

Your Dog's Post Covid Separation Anxiety

White says volunteers and rescue groups are a big part of Harris Pets really high success rate. But, rescue groups and volunteers are not as active as before either. "We have been very fortunate in the past year to not to have had to euthanize any animals for space. Rescue Groups have been a big part of that success. But we're getting to the point where we are not going to be able to say that any longer."

How to Help: Adopt a Pet, Volunteer at the Shelter, Foster a Shelter Pet, Donate

Photo: Courtesy Harris County Pets

Adoptable Dog at Harris County PetsPhoto: Adams, Sally

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