The Liberal Media Touting Staying On Unemployment To Boost Your Career

Just when you thought people were going back to work again...

Job openings in the U.S. are still at a historic high, and in case you missed it, a record 4 million people actually quit their jobs in a span of a month!

The reasons was obvious. People were making more by -not- working. Unemployment, along with the extra federal unemployment benefits, became a $40k a year gig.

So states like Texas stepped in and said enough is enough, it's time to get back to work. But there are still some states where that is not the case, and now left leaning USA Today says that remaining on unemployment could actually boost your career!

"That's just ridiculous" said Gary Polland of the Texas Conservative Review, "I don't get it? Except that the goal of the left is to make as many people as dependent on government as possible."

Now he's on to something. It's called Democrat Dependence. Keep giving the people free money, and in return, they will keep you in office.

"It's all about power" Polland told KTRH, "The Democrats have power, they want to keep power. In the meantime the country is going down the toilet." And it's due to the sharp 'left' turn that we have seen in too many parts of our nation.

"It used to be in America that we had a strong work ethic, because working was important" Polland said, "But now it seems like the left and the government is encouraging people not to work."

Not a good plan, and not good for the future. "This is why we're going to get our butts beat by China, India, you name the countries where they have a strong work ethic because they want to be successful" he said. "They are so far gone in terms of trying to justify the stupidity that the government has been operating under, it's just breathtaking."

Or another way to put it, we will reap what we sow.

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