Texas Tail Distillery: "Never Stop Chasing"

Never stop chasing. These are the words Texas Tail Distillery owners, Nick Droege and Greg Truex, decided best fit their mission back in 2010 while creating Texas Tail Vodka! A lot has happened over the last eleven years, simply because they never stopped chasing.

As they recently opened their new distillery location at 2416 Postoffice St in Galveston, Texas, Droege and Truex look back on all they have accomplished over the years.

“Once we perfected Texas Tail Vodka, we knew we wanted more,” Droege shared. “I’ve always had a love for whiskey and was extremely interested in becoming part of the Texas Whiskey family.”

A simple dream was all it took.

With Galveston in mind, Droege and Truex scoured real estate sites for almost six months before finding the perfect location and opening their doors in November 2018. With the beautiful seawall right outside the front door, (you know the view) the two happily started a new journey known as Texas Tail Distillery.

In addition to having a physical location to sell their vodka, they began mixing up craft cocktails, offering tours and tastings, and introduced two new products: Coastline Whiskey and Seawall Shine.

As the next two years went by, the business found itself in need of more space.

“Thanks to our amazing Texas Tail fans, we quickly outgrew our seawall location,” Droege said. “The new building offered adequate room for growth of our distilling area, where the magic happens, as well as a larger bar and dining area for our guests to gather and enjoy.”

With the added square footage, they are now able to add food to their already top-notch menu, and offer outdoor seating with lawn games for all.

“Adding a food truck to this new location was an absolute must-have on our list,” Droege explained.

Guests are able to pick from a variety of menu items, including brisket sliders, loaded deviled eggs, fried grits, and much more.

Looking toward the future, the location hopes to serve as a venue to local musicians and even bring a crowd during crawfish season.

“The outdoor space adds many possibilities,” Droege said. “Galveston is an outdoor community, we’re ready to watch our guests play cornhole, bring their families, and hang out.”

The excitement doesn’t stop there. The added space in the back of the distillery has enabled the business to up their number of guests during tours.

“We’re now able to accommodate large tour groups,” Droege explained. “Sharing the distilling process with our customers is what makes this business. Grain to glass is so important now-a- days and we enjoy showing connoisseurs the Texas Tail way.”

Whether you are in the mood for an old fashioned neat or a mango mango, Texas Tail Distillery has your new favorite drink. Pair it with a delicious meal and top it off with a game (or two) of cornhole while listening to a local artist and you have yourself the perfect Saturday night.

“It’s been a truly amazing and wild ride since we opened our seawall location, which we’ll miss greatly, of course,” Droege shared. “But we’re very excited to share the new building with our fans and can’t wait to help them build unforgettable memories on the island!”

For tour reservations, artists inquiries, or more information contact Nick by email nick@texastaildistillery.com.

Photo: Texas Tail Distillery

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