Hotel Business Returning to Pre-Pandemic Levels

The hotel industry has been among those slowest to recover from the pandemic, occupancy levels in Houston generally just now inching back up to pre-2020 percentages.

“I would say we’re probably ten to fifteen points off from where we would normally be on occupancy,” says Cindy Decker with Houston First.

Houston finally had convention business return this week with the Shriners Imperial Session from July 4-8 at the George R. Brown. Downtown hotels have seen the slowest increases. “The market has pretty consistently started to show some of the same trends as 2019, especially the Galleria market, but mostly on weekends,” adds Decker. International travel is just beginning to return, always a big component for the Houston hotel industry.

Part of the problem is also finding employees. As businesses across all platforms have been struggling to replace low-wage earners, hotels are having to find creative ways to lure prospective employees back. The soon to open Blossom Hotel in the Texas Medical Center is holding a job fair this coming Wednesday, offering $500 as a signing bonus for part time employees that are hired and $1,000 for full time workers.

photo: Getty Images

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