Activist Teachers Brag About Injecting Race, ‘Equity’ Lessons In Class

It has become the hotbed issue across the country. Critical Race Theory, or CRT.

Parents in every state, on every level are fighting back against, with parent - teacher school board meetings the front line battlegrounds.

Over 20 states have taken action, signing into law a ban against CRT in public schools. That includes Texas, where state representative Steve Toth led the way with HB 3979.

"House Bill 3979 has been signed into law by the Governor" Toth told KTRH while adding, "But I'm deeply concerned by virtue of the fact that only 3 people turned out and testified back in March. We are hearing from hundreds of parents across the state of Texas, and teachers, finding out that it's embedded in the curriculum in many schools."

Translation? There is still work to be done. That was confirmed by Zeph Capo, the president of the AFT (American Federation of Teachers) here in Texas who also told KTRH, "We're already seeing significant issues in school board meetings around the state."

Adding fuel to the fire, are 'woke' teachers who believe it's their duty to teach kids CRT. According to a report in the Western Journal, a group of more than 5,000 teachers in all 50 states have signed a pledge vowing to teach CRT 'regardless of the law'. Even worse than that, a group of teachers are publicly bragging about the different ways they are injecting CRT into their elementary school lessons.

Here in Texas, Capo says "CRT has not really been something that has been in our K-12 schools. You're not going to teach Critical Race Theory to 2nd and 3rd graders." But it is still out there, with representative Toth taking a lot of calls, "We are hearing from people that have never been involved in politics , that have never called their government before, Republicans and Democrats, that are horrified to find that this is being taught in our classrooms."

Both Toth and Capo agree, parents need to be involved and ask questions. Don't expect someone else to raise your child. Capo also reminds us, "If most adults applied what they should have learned in kindergarten to society, we would all be in a better place."


Photo: AFP

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