About Saving Face: Dems Now Pretending To Have Always Supported Voter ID

From the 'you can't make this up' department, after months of making racist claims of voter 'suppression', some Democrats are now doing an about face, saying they all have always been in favor of voter ID laws.

Why? Because the -overwhelming- majority of Americans, both Republicans and Democrats, are not only in favor of voter ID laws, they want them!

"The Democrats keep leading with their chins on some of these issues" said former Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson. "All of the sudden they're waking up."

That would include House majority whip Jim Clyburn D-SC, who is now backing Senator Joe Manchin's voter ID proposal, telling CNN he's "always" been in favor of it. That's a hard left from the Democrat marching orders. "Everything is voter suppression" Patterson told KTRH, "It's part of the 'woke' moment right now because everything is about race. But really, anybody in this country who wants to vote can vote, with or without these bills."

One of those bills is one of the top priorities for Governor Greg Abbott during the Texas Legislature Special Session, which is underway in Austin.

Because 'voter suppression' is so important to the Democrats identity, Patterson is not sure Texas Democrats can go against the party line. "I used to think Texas Democrats were a different breed, but they are more like the national Democrats. Will they wise up? We'll see."

Barring another Democrat walk-out, voter 'integrity' will become law here in Texas. But Patterson said the battle will continue. "All the opposition to the voter security measures is unfounded. They are going to pass, and they should, and the sky is not falling."

At least for now.


Photo: AFP

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