The Voting Group That’s Key To The GOP Winning Midterms

The countdown to next year's midterms has already begun, and according to a recent study, Republicans are going to need to steal a page from 2016, if they want to be successful. Not steal the election, we've already seen that movie, but they do not to steal page that worked for Donald Trump.

What is it? Technically, they call the voting group 'non-college whites'.

"The white working class" said Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak, "That is the pathway back to Republicans winning back the White House. The issues that motivate those people, if we can serve those constituencies, we're going to be a majority party very soon."

As pointed out by Catherine Mortensen, Vice President of Communications at Americans for Limited Government, an unheard of amount of non-college whites came out for Donald Trump in 2016, and the turnout was even higher in 2020. The difference was, some voted for Joe Biden instead, as was the case in the suburbs.

But so much as changed since last November, with so much damage already done by the Biden administration.

"Right now, it does look like issues are working in the Republicans favor" Mackowiak told KTRH, "We have a sluggish economy, we have this man-made border crisis, we have issues like Crtical Race Theory, and transgender issues in our schools that are moving voters in the suburbs toward Republicans."

And that will be the other key for the GOP. Stick to the script, and stay on the issues. "The stakes are really high next year" Mackowiak said, "This may be the most important midterm election in my lifetime, given how far left Biden and Pelosi are taking the country. There's a lot riding on the next midterm election, and Republicans have to stay focused."

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Event In Nevada

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