Americans Concerned President Biden is Expanding, Weaponizing IRS

The Biden administration is giving more power to the IRS, even as many Americans say the agency is already too big.

A Fox News poll finds 65 percent of voters agree the IRS is too powerful. Many are concerned about the new “Office of Promoter Investigations”, first announced in May. The Biden administration wants them to go after people promoting schemes to avoid paying their taxes. However, Brandon Arnold, the Executive Vice President of National Taxpayers Union, warns it's a bad idea.

“You’re giving them more power, more authority, increasing the number of agents, giving them more powers to monitor what’s happening in private bank accounts. There’s a huge potential for abuse, for targeting individuals with whom they disagree,” Arnold said.

Arnold believes Americans should be worried about the size and scope of their government.

“The more power you give the IRS, the more you are opening the door to politicization or weaponization. So that should be concerning for all Americans: rich, poor, or somewhere in between,” Arnold explained.

President Biden has proposed giving the IRS 80 billion dollars over the next ten years.

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