Houston Police Officer Shot

During an incident in Kingwood today (7-5-2021) , a Houston police officer was shot . Houston Police Department Chief Troy Finner says it started with 2 residents of the same apartment complex arguing over a parking space!

The woman in the argument told police the man spat in her face. She called the police. The Chief picks up the details when the police went to visit the man at his apartment door.,

"When they were in the door talking, the male (the suspect) immediately started firing multiple shots at the officers. He fired multiple times when one of the officers took 2 shots in his arm. The other officer immediately engaged with his hands and detained the suspect."

It is important to point out neither officer drew his weapon. The Houston Police Officer (who is a married father) is currently in a Kingwood hospital in stable by critical condition.


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Houston Police Officer ShotPhoto: Getty Images

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