Cruising Finally Returns to Galveston!

It took 16 months -- 16 l-o-n-g months -- for The Port of Galveston to see a cruise ship cast off carrying hundreds and hundreds of happy passengers. March, 2020 was the last time Galveston got to see a cruise ship fade in the sunset.

Today (7-3-2021) is a Good Day for Galveston!

The Carnival Vista brought in lots of business to Galveston in the last couple of days. Restaurants, Bars, Retail Businesses, Transportation and Tourist-oriented businesses all saw business from the passengers - and the port and city fared well from taxes and other payments involved!

Even better, the Carnival Breeze will depart from the same port in less than 2 weeks: Thursday, July 15!


Carnival Cruise Ships At The Port Of Miami

Carnival Cruises finally return to Galveston!Photo: Bloomberg

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