When Will The Right Start Using The Tactics Of The Left To Fight Back?

As we come out of the 4th of July holiday, and the 245th birthday of our great nation, it is sad that we no longer have a legitimate news media.

The mainstream media has sold it's collective soul, but that's another topic for another time.

It hasn't been six months since Joe Biden took office, and it's hard to quantify the damage that has already been done. And yet, because of the media propaganda, it feels like the left continues to win.

But as Bryan Preston of PJ Media points out, conservatives are getting a lot of wins. And this battle against the Biden administration was to be expected.

"We've seen some 9-0 decisions in the Supreme Court against the Biden administration's overreach" Preston told KTRH, "So you've had some wins on the left in the culture, but you're getting some more lasting wins for the right in the courts, and it's important to know that, and important to stand on that."

There are some calling to fight the Democrats with some of their own dirty tactics, but Preston isn't sure if that's a good idea. "The left stands for whatever they stand for that day, with no limiting principles on what they say or do" he said, "If the right were to follow that? That would be not only unwise, but highly destructive."

So what should conservatives do? It starts with character and integrity, and don't forget the hard one, loving your enemies. Preston says it's imperative to vote, let your voice be heard, and speak the truth. He also said it's nice to see Texas leading the charge. "Texas, Florida, and a few other states are leading the charge against federal overreach, and this is something I predicted would happen as soon as Biden was declared the winner. We knew he was going to come in with an extremist agenda, and it was up to the states to push back."

That push back is happening now.

Democrats vs. Republicans. Two boxing gloves against each other in colors of Democratic and Republican party

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