The Midterm Battlefield Is Forming

It's hard to believe that Joe Biden hasn't even been in office six months, and yet look at all the damage that has already been done. Inflation, gas prices up more than 42%, skyrocketing crime numbers, the border crisis, and a CRT revolt in our public schools, just to name a few.

The formation of a midterm battlefield has begun.

"We're already seeing it happen certainly with the border visit here by former President Trump" said political strategist and tv personality Jessica Colon. "The failure of the Biden administration is going to be a major primary issue , and general election issue here in Texas. You're really starting to see the 2022 midterms shape up."

And with so much at stake, and so much on the line, Colon told KTRH that Republicans should be confident. "Republicans have a lot to be bullish about because of the extreme actions of the Biden administration, and this Democrat majority. These are things that voters are paying close attention to because it affects them on a daily basis."

But with all of that said, and with so many key issues, Colon cautions that the Democrats are not going to go away quietly, and it's the main reason why they want to take over complete control of all elections.

"The Democrats are not going to run away from their socialist agenda, they're doubling down on it" she said, adding that locally here in Texas, the state Democrats walked out on the voter integrity bill, and they are threatening to do it again later this week. "They are here to change the way things are done."

And they want it permanent, not just for 2022, or even 2024.

Democrats vs Republicans

Photo: iStockphoto

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