Experts Warn Biden’s Policies Threaten Economy, Energy Independence

President Biden continues to push renewable energy on Americans while the global demand for oil is rising.

Travelers hitting the road this summer are noticing skyrocketing prices at the pump. Energy experts say that's not just due to increased demand, but because of the president's policies. Phil Barnett, owner of Barnett Energy, says from attempts to ban new oil and gas leases, to blocking the building of pipelines, the Biden administration is forgetting a key principle.

“It is fossil fuels that course through the cardiovascular system of the global economy. We have to continue to fuel ourselves, our economy, while we look for alternatives,” Barnett said. “It’s not an either/or.”

He believes exploring alternative energy like wind and solar is a good thing in the long run. However, Barnett adds renewables are nowhere close to fully replacing oil and gas.

“Until a real plausible alternative that is developed concurrent with continuing to grow what we are doing domestically, nothing is going to change,” he explained.

Barnett warns that if the U.S. allows other countries to develop oil and gas while our government restricts American companies, it threatens our nation’s energy independence.

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