The USS Texas Open This Weekend

The freedom and liberty being celebrated this weekend were hard fought ideals, and the USS Texas has played a role in the country’s battles since it was first conceived in 1910. It was commissioned on March 12, 1914, and first saw action in the Tampico affair. The USS Texas helped convey goods across the Atlantic through World War One, and in World War Two delivered troops to the beaches of Normandy as well as operations in the Pacific Theater. At wars end the Texas was in service to bring troops back home again. She was placed in reserve in 1946 and the following year recognized as a museum ship under the stewardship of the Battleship Texas Commission.

The battleship has been closed for renovations for the past couple years, but is being made available for tours this weekend only.

Due to construction visitors will be limited to the main deck and areas above, but will be able to learn fascinating details about the ship’s history from living-history volunteers.

The ship is open Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 am to 5:30pm.

Tickets are available here.

photo: Getty Images

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