In States Without Extra Unemployment Benefits, People Are Returning To Work

People are finally going back to work. According to the Department Of Labor, first time unemployment claims hit their lowest weekly level since March of 2020.

One of the primary reasons? Red states, like Texas, that decided to pull the plug on the extra federal unemployment benefits. For some, it turned into a 40k a year living.

"What we're seeing" said Vance Ginn of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, "Is that people as they get closer to losing those additional benefits, they start looking for a job! Imagine that."

And while some thought that ending the benefits was cruel, Ginn says it's actually a good thing. "These red states drying up these federal funds are helping people get back to the dignity of work, which will help -us- get back to normal."

The right kind of normal, compared to what has become the 'new normal' in many blue states. "Congress and the Biden administration are trying to grow government, and influence and give us more dependency on them, which is a step in the wrong direction" Ginn told KTRH.

Being out of work is not good. Being out of work for a long time is even worse. Ginn says hopefully, this will help. "By starting to cut off those benefits, we can get back to the prosperous economy we had back in 2020."

Photo: Getty Images

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