Five Shots Of Optimism For Freedom-Lovers

Although many on the left would disagree, this is not 'fake news'. We live in the greatest country in the history of the world.

As our nation gets set to celebrate it's 245th birthday, the majority of Americans still want to keep it that way.

Despite what you hear, or don't hear, from the mainstream media, people are pushing back across the country against the Democrats radical Marxist agenda.

Again, you don't hear about it because we no longer have a legitimate, and credible news media. But it is happening, primarily on the local levels.

"If we look at the positive work that was just done by our legislature" said UH Professor and television personality Jacquie Baly, "You're seeing a lot of local entities saying these are our rights as American citizens, and if it's not in the constitution you have no right to take it away from us. So, you're seeing a lot of proactive movement, and as we head into the July 4th weekend, this is great."

And it's fair to say the great state of Texas is leading the charge, with Governor Greg Abbott trying to do his part, after the strong legislative session. There's constitutional carry and 2nd Amendment rights, finishing Trump's border wall due to the Biden border crisis, and 'voter integrity' will also become law here in Texas, once lawmakers reconvene for the special session.

Another area that has become a real battleground at the local level, not only here in Texas but across the nation? School board meetings, with parents fighting back vehemently against CRT, and other reverse racism ideals.

Thankfully, CRT has been banned in Texas public schools, but Baly told KTRH, " You're seeing at a lot of the local school districts, and even at my level (the higher education level) people are really becoming very vocal, and saying stop imposing your viewpoints and just do your job."

In the meantime, Americans need to do their job because there will be no let-up from the left. As former President Donald Trump said during his visit to Texas, "we can't wait until 2022."

The fight for freedom has already begun.

Photo: Getty Images

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