Almost 20% of young adults aren't working right now

For months we've been telling you about the labor shortage. There are signs it will have an impact on our economic future.

Nearly one in five Americans between the ages of 20-24 were not working, training, or even in education. Lone Star College economist Hank Lewis says you can thank all the money Biden's giving away.

"Somebody who is drawing on benefits, if they are doing well enough, there is no incentive to go and get work," he said.

Lewis says that could hurt our future economy because those people aren't advancing skills. And, it's setting up society for other problems.

"This actually starts to create friction. Those who are working are going to resent those who are living off of their efforts. That's kind of dangerous," Lewis explained.

The 3.8 million Americans in that age group not working is up by 24% from pre-COVID times.

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