Abolishing suburbs is part of Biden administration's infrastructure plan

President Joe Biden's policies, including infrastructure, are all part of a larger plot. They want to kill the suburbs.

It didn't start under Biden; it actually started under Obama, who witheld federal money from certain cities and counties for "restrictive practices."

"Under pressure from federal ideologues, communities in Oregon and Minneapolis, for example, have abolished single-family zoning in recent years," Fox's Tucker Carlson said.

Carlson adds that there's a method behind the madness.

The goal is to eliminate suburbs. So rather than improve the lives of people who live in crappy places, the goal is to destroy the lives of people who live in nice places. Why would you want to do that? There’s a very clear political reason. Suburbs are typically purple politically. Republicans win as often as Democrats. If your goal was to make America a one-party state, you’d Republicans can win just as Democrats can but if your goal is to make the country a one-party state, you want to change this. You want to make suburbs into cities and if you did that, you’d win every time. Democrats win cities. Of the ten biggest cities in the United States, Democrats run nine of them. Of the 50 biggest cities, they control two-thirds," Carlson explained.

That includes the city of Houston and Harris County, run by Democrats Sylvester Turner and Lina Hidalgo respectively.

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