Veterans Suicide Rates Rising

Suicides of PTSD-stricken veterans are predicted to grow Post Covid. David Maulsby of Camp Hope which serves these vets agrees. "One of the symptoms of PTSD is the isolation. Throw in Covid where no one could see each other or get together, that's clearly going to end in an increased rate of suicide." Maulsby says the Covid lockdown regulations made things even worse. "The VAs, which your tax dollars are paying for to serve our veterans, closed their doors to veterans with trauma-related issues. We have several guys in our program today because the VA told them, 'Don't come back because of Covid.' "

Maulsby says more private-sector recovery facilities are needed and the federal government should make it easier for non-profits to serve this population. "Government will never be as affective serving those veterans as fellow veterans can. So the peer-to-peer model - one veteran helping another veteran - is far more successful than the government is able to roll out."

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photo:Getty Images

Military Veterans with PTSD get help at Camp Hope.

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