Trump tours the Texas border as he goes where Kamala wouldn’t

The man who had the border under control is set to get an up close look at how the Biden Administration has destroyed border security in just five months.

Former President Donald Trump visits the a facility in Weslaco before getting a look at part of the border wall with Governor Abbott.

"He will observe the chaos that's taking place, and then kind of force the administration's hand," The RNC's Robin Armstrong stated.

So how can Trump force Biden's hand?

"They can politically put pressure on them to do more," Armstrong said.

Because, as Congressman Dan Crenshaw told Fox, the Biden team hasn't done a thing.

"I think it's rather obvious that Kamala Harris does not care about this issue. She only went to visit where there was a convenient airport to do a quick photo op," Crenshaw explained.

Trump's visit is scheduled to begin at 11:30 this morning.

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