Now Bipartisanship Isn’t Good Enough For The Left

It's one of the many, broken Biden campaign promises. Bipartisanship.

After bragging about all of his years in the Senate, before the 8-years under Obama, Joe Biden vowed to "reach across the isle."

But now after another bizarre back and forth over weekend, in which he gave his word to Republicans about a reduced infrastructure deal, and then came out and said there would only be a deal if Republicans passed the real deal, the Biden administration is now stuck.

What does that mean? Well, basically Biden did agree to compromised version of a legit infrastructure bill. But then at the same time, his fellow Democrats are criticizing him for it, while also trying to get him to sign off on their massive trillion dollar 'American Families Plan', which is loaded with several expensive goodies on the Dems wish list.

Either way, it seems like a no-win situation for Republicans. "Of course it's a trap" said political analyst Andy Hogue, "This is one giant omnibus spending package! They can either hang it over the Republicans heads for supporting big government, or make it look like Republicans are reckless and don't care about infrastructure development."

As for that group of Republicans who have been working on a deal with Biden? It's a small group led by embattled Mitt Romney. Translation? There's no guarantee there will be enough Republican votes when all is said and done.

"House Republicans should stand their ground and vote no on this" Hogue told KTRH, "Because when it gets to the Senate, it's going to be a whole new ball game."

Despite the pleas from progressive Democrats like AOC, Democrat Senator has made it clear he will not support a $5 or $6 trillion dollar deal.

With inflation skyrocketing, the crisis at the border, crime at all-time highs, and a rent bubble that's about to burst, the Democrats are desperate to get some things passed before the midterms.

"They know they're time is limited, they know the clock is ticking, and they're doing everything they can to spend every cent they possibly can and make Republicans look bad" Hogue said. "People are already tired of what they are getting. The Democrats no longer have Donald Trump to beat up on, we're just going to see more dissatisfaction with how they're running things."

President says he now wants to present both plans to the people.


Photo: AFP

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