No Rental Car? Try Car Sharing!

Whether you want a vehicle for a vacation, or just a few hours to run errands while your car's in the shop, car-borrowing and not renting may be the way to go. Online platforms like Turo, Avail and Getaround let people with a car they are not using share - for a fee - with those who need one. Pat Notti of Getaround says there's a wide range of people who are sharing their cars. "Everyone from someone who has an extra car sitting in their driveway wanting to make a little extra money from someone who wants to have a fleet of their own cars and wants to start their own car sharing business on our (Getaround) platform." Notti says the platforms let you see the car you'll be driving and where to pick it up. Getaround is in it's early months of service in Houston and Notti says the demand is high.

Car Rental Prices Are Skyrocketing

Some Houstonians need a car for a day or two, and other Houstonians have a car they're not using. Car Sharing Platforms put the two together. You use an app to book the car. Notti says pick up should be convenient. "We have cars right here in your community. Some times we have guests book cars that are right down the road from them." With rental car agencies short on cars these days, and people in your area wanting to make some money from their cars they are not using, this is an industry whose time has come.


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Car SHARING, not Car RENTINGPhoto: Moment RF

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