No Rent? No Problem: The CDC Extends The Federal Eviction Moratorium

Rising inflation, and now more bad news for hard working landlords.

The federal eviction moratorium has been extended another month, and is now set to expire on July 31.

This is the 4th time it has been extended, even after a federal judge ruled against it back in February.

Basically, the Biden administration is using the CDC as it's cover, so they don't look like the bad guys.

Robert Henneke, the lead counsel of the Texas Public Policy Foundation won that case earlier this year, and says this latest extension is purely political.

"The government's position seems absurd" Henneke told KTRH, "A federal judge has declared that the federal order is unconstitutional, and this is another example of how the federal government especially under the Biden administration continues to act lawlessly."

As we've seen a lot over the last 9 months, you can break the law or the constitution, and it really doesn't matter.

The same goes for all of the landlords who have gone almost year, with no rent from their renters, and no relief at all from the Biden administration.

"There's about 6 million Americans that would be subject to eviction once this order expires" he said, "And I think politically, the Biden administration is reluctant to be blamed for that."

But Henneke also says that day of reckoning is coming. "It's going to be a catastrophe, I really think the federal government has dug itself in a hole and can't figure out a way out. You're talking about approximately six million people who are very unlikely to have tens months of back rent in their bank account ready to pay."

In the meantime, the landlords now have to wait. "Collectively, there are billions of dollars in unpaid rent that landlords across the country have just been forced to swallow, without any relief."

The CDC will not respond, or answer any questions on the matter.

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