Mainstream Media Accidentally Proves Background Checks On Gun Sales Work

Last year the pandemic was the problem. This year? It's just guns.

With crime skyrocketing across the country, especially in Democrat led cities, the narrative is now an obsession. It's no longer the criminals who are the problem. It's just their guns.

A new report from the Associated Press found that last year, a record 300,000 gun sales were blocked by background checks.

On the surface, you would think, that just proves that background checks work. But according to Michael Hammond, longtime legal counsel for the Gun Owners of America, those numbers don't mean anything.

"That's the game the FBI and the A.P. play" Hammond told KTRH, "The fact is the background checks don't work, or crime would come to a halt. Crime is going through the ceiling this year, and that should be the measure of whether a background check works."

So if that's the case? Then why the 300,000? Hammond says almost all of them "are tripped up by minor technicalities" like marijuana use for example. While commonplace in blue states, it is still a federal crime, and would definitely prohibit someone from purchasing a firearm.

The other side of the coin, which is not reported, is that if there really were 300,000 really bad criminals trying to buy guns, they would be caught and prosecuted. But Hammond says that is rarely the case. Plus, a newsflash here, most bad guys don't buy their guns at their local gun store!

"Criminals don't go into gun stores, and submit themselves to background checks" Hammond said. "No, they are going to get their guns from the black market."

And what about Texas soon to be in the spotlight as the 21st state with constitutional carry? Hammond says, "States which have passed constitutional carry have been the safest states in the country. The states that have nothing but more gun control, piled on more gun control, have become rivers of blood."


Photo: AFP

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