Conservatives Strongly Reject Idea of a National Police Force

All eyes are back on the nation’s law enforcement after the Friday sentencing of a former Minneapolis police officer in the death of George Floyd. Supporters of our local law enforcement are voicing concern about quiet efforts to “nationalize” the police.

The idea of a national police force may sound ridiculous. However, Houston City Councilman Mike Knox, who served as a Houston police officer, says anything's possible.

“Somebody brings us some crazy idea like ‘defund the police’. The next thing you know, there are people around the country doing it,” Knox said.

Many have noticed a trend among police officers across the country.

“Police departments are increasing looking similar: black and white cars, dark uniforms,” Knox explained. “The purpose has always been rumored to be that if you ever did a national police force, all you would have to do is change the patches.”

So, why the fairly recent color change? In some cases, it's tied to federal dollars. Knox says taking it a step further and nationalizing our officers is a terrible idea.

“Local police understand the local community. They live and work in that community,” Knox said.

He adds that wouldn't happen under a force directly controlled by Washington, where the president could move officers in and out like members of the military.

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