As The Murder Rate Soars, The Left Blames Everything But The Criminals

It has become a sad commentary. Right up there with the cries to 'defund the police', the left is now blaming 'guns' for all of the crime across the country, not the criminals who commit them.

The other sad reality? All of these soaring numbers are occurring in blue, Democrat cities.

Here in Houston, there have been close to 225 murders this year, which projects to over 500!

Doug Griffith, the President of Houston Police Officers Union told KTRH, it hasn't been this bad in years. "It's probably worse in Houston than I've seen it, since the early 90's. I came on in 1990 and we topped 500 homicides then, and I believe that we're going to do that again this year."

The numbers were high last year, but the excuse was it was due to the pandemic. Now? The liberal Democrat mayors are all in unison, it's the guns that are the problem, along with the gun laws that are in effect by racist conservatives.

That message, along with the Democrats campaign theme of 'defunding the police' has done a lot of damage. "It's doing a lot of damage" Griffith told KTRH, "Just the morale of the police department, we're losing officers at a very high rate, plus we can't hire, and we are going to be woefully understaffed."

If that's not bad enough, many of these same Democrat led cities have also decided that violent criminals should not have to spend time in jail, so they're being set free to commit more crime.

"It's a narrative that's out there" Griffith said. "The cops are bad, and the criminals are just misguided."

And don't forget to blame the guns.

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Photo: Getty Images North America

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