Dark Money Groups Fund Liberal Push To Pass Infrastructure Without GOP

It's been 5 months since Joe Biden took office, and the radical wing of the Democrat party is getting impatient.

The radical agenda wish-list is not progressing as fast as the progressives would like.

Now, according to a report in the Washington Free Beacon, a couple of big money liberal groups are turning up the pressure for Biden to pass his massive 'infrastructure bill', without Republicans.

"The donors don't have to be disclosed, and then they use that money and funnel it to progressive causes they believe in" said Charles Blain of Urban Reform. "They're using it to try and pressure the Biden administration to just go ahead and push forward the multi-trillion dollar infrastructure package, without any Republican support."

Which means, the Democrats would again have to use the 'reconciliation' process. According to the Free Beacon report, the radical groups want money for climate change, new energy jobs, and more government jobs.

Plus, there would likely be some money left over for another round of stimulus, just in time for the midterms. "This would just give them more money to give out in time for the elections" Blain told KTRH.

And what about another one of Biden's campaign promises about being bi-partisan? "It's not going to happen" Blain said, "He's giving into that progressive base more and more. It's not really about bipartisanship, it's about funding their progressive priorities, and using this as a grab bag of money to do so."

The Democrats have also come up with a catch-phrase to emphasize their point. No climate. No deal.

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