Covid: The Latest? The CDC Is Now Warning Of The 'Delta Variant'

Just when you thought the pandemic was over, and just in time for summer. It's the 'Delta Variant' from India.

According to reports, this new variant is more contagious, and it spreads more quickly.

And it just so happens to be hitting at time when the vaccine has hit a wall, and President Biden is going to fall short of his goal getting 70% of Americans vaccinated by July 4th.

Coincidence? Not to Dr. Brian Joondeph, "They've been wrong on therapeutics, they've been wrong on testing, masks, lockdowns, origin of the virus. They've sought to suppress good information, and push bad information. It's really the boy who cried wolf."

There are also cries from those wondering why there is the continual push for everyone to the get the vaccine? "What the true motivation is? I'm not really sure" Joondeph told KTRH, "Often it's a follow the money thing, and yes they are pushing these vaccines without a lot of scientific information that they work."

Science seems to work when they want it to, and it doesn't when they don't. "Everything Trump said last year, the scientific community was against" Joondeph told KTRH, "Maybe the Delta variant is real. All viruses get variants, they mutate, and the ulterior motive may be to push vaccinations."

Speaking of a push, do you remember how bad things were in New York? How about Governor Cuomo now looking to one-up Joe Biden, by boasting that 70% of New Yorkers have been vaccinated?

"This is the same governor that sent infected patients into nursing homes, killing tens of thousands of elderly" Joondeph said, "Yet he's celebrated by the media, celebrated by Fauci, writing books, and on CNN with his brother. He's the example of how it should have been handled, not the way Trump did it."

All you have to do is get the vaccine.

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