He Fraudulently Only Purchased the Best

Harris County prosecutors say 62-year-old Jorge Lamarche man concocted an elaborate scheme using fake identities to fraudulently purchase 19 brand new, fully loaded vehicles from different area dealerships. Jorge Lamarche is charged in Harris County after being accused of an elaborate scheme using fake identities, and other people's credit amounting to $1.3 million in automobiles. Harris County DA's office says it was a sophisticated plan...finding people with good enough credit to buy 6 figure cars. These cars were "purchased" from January to March - but there could be others. They think his larceny could also be felt in other counties and even other states.

An almost $90,000 Mercedes and a $125,000 Cadillac Escalade were among his trophies. The D.A.'s office reminds car dealerships to "stay diligent."


Houston man fraudulently "purchased" expensive carsPhoto: Getty Images

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