Are The Maricopa County Missing Ballots Really Smoking Guns?

Yet another, newsworthy story that you won't hear thing about from the corporate media.

The Arizona audit in Maricopa County is almost complete, (you probably also didn't even know they were doing a recount!), and according to reports, 200,000 votes somehow went missing.

"If that's the case, that is a very serious problem" said Hans Von Spakovsky of the Heritage Foundation. "It could raise all kinds of questions about not only the election, but the fact that it would be a violation of federal law. It's a crime."

The Democrats did everything they could to block the audit, which is odd because if you have nothing to hide? and everything was legit? than why not welcome it? But that was not the case.

"Everyone should want an audit" Von Spakovsky told KTRH, "It may finally settle all the questions that people still have about the conduct of last years elections."

And it would be some massive vindication, and a smoking gun, for former President Donald Trump. Not enough to change the election, but more than enough to clearly see the need for election integrity.

"If the audit were to find huge discrepancies in the vote totals, that would be a very big deal for the former President" he said.

We also caught up with the reporter who broke the story, Patrick Howley senior reporter for the National File who told KTRH, "I am confident that as soon as this audit wraps up, the truth is going to get out there. I'm hearing from auditors, and people who are on the audit floor that is becoming very clear that there is a massive dispute about whether or not Joe Biden won the state of Arizona."

We shall see soon enough.

Arizona Counts Ballots Ahead Of Tuesday's Election Day

Photo: Getty Images North America

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