We’re 4-Months Into the Biden Presidency And Buyer’s Remorse Is Setting In

We are all familiar with the phrase 'buyers remorse'. The new one for our nation here in 2021? 'Biden Remorse'.

It's become a sad reality for the millions of Americans who got duped last November. They thought they were getting the kind, sweet grandpa who was the opposite of Donald Trump, (because that orange man was mean on twitter!) but instead, they are now seeing the radical agenda, and the real 'Big Man'.

As we approach the 5-month mark since Biden took office, it's hard to fathom just how much damage he has already done. From inflation, ruining the economy, taking away our energy independence, the out of control border crisis, higher taxes, and letting China and Russia take over, while reigniting tensions in the middle east. Simply put, it has been a Democrat disaster.

"Biden remorse is a great term" said Bryan Preston of PJ Media, "A lot of voters thought they were getting a moderate in Joe Biden, somebody who wouldn't be Trump, and wouldn't do a lot of damage? But what we've seen in the first four months is enormous damage."

The list is clearly extensive, and irrefutable. Even worse than what we've seen so far from Biden? The way the mainstream media has covered him! "They're idolizing him" Preston told KTRH, "It's gotten so bad, that the Australian media is actually coming out and mocking CNN, and the rest of the mainstream media for how they are fawning over Joe Biden."

The bottom line is, things were better with Trump in the White House. Period. "Everything was better" Preston said, "I don't think it's even arguable anymore, things were better under Trump."

We have just a little over 3 years, and 4 months, until our next Presidential election. Not that we're counting!


Photo: AFP

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