Forget Going Back To The Office – A Lot Of People Are Just Quitting Instead

America is open again, just in time for summer. But instead of going back to work, millions of Americans are simply quitting.

"A lot of people are calling it the great resignation" said Joshua M. Evans, a well renowned company culture consultant. People are leaving their jobs because they found new ones. A silver lining if you will, to being locked down at home for over a year. "It's because people now realize they have lots of other options besides the company they have been working for."

A new report shows that U.S. workers are quitting at the highest rate since 2000.

"People are less motivated by money, and they're more motivated by the flexibility of the workspace and also the purpose behind the work that they are doing" Evans told KTRH. "People want to feel good about the work that they are doing now, and they're actually taking some pay-cuts in order to take those sorts of positions that offer them the flexibility they want for their personal lives."

And with so many job openings available, Evans says now is the ideal time to make a switch. "This really is the optimal time" he said, "Many people have been working on themselves over the pandemic, and so after all these months of being able to set new goals, ideas, and aspirations, a lot of people don't see themselves back in an office environment."

Maybe not a whole new world? But it is a different one.

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