America's Image Crisis: Big Difference Under Biden Compared To Trump

No need to pile on. You saw it, and heard it yourself.

President Biden's big trip to Europe? Not a good look. In just a few short days, America went from world leader, to world follower.

Stealing a page from the Obama playbook, Biden let the rest of the world know that we just want to fit in with their plans, even to our detriment. One world.

The good news? The mainstream media loved Biden's European vacation! They couldn't get enough of it.

"It was almost comical" said Jim Hanson, author of a new book titled 'Winning The Second Civil War Without Firing A Shot', "It's a sad thing, but the cheering section of the media, which is the Democrat propaganda wing, is tickled pink about this and they're having a lot of fun with it."

But now with Biden back in Washington, America has moved to the back of the line. "Unfortunately it showed us just how weak the Biden foreign policy is going to be" Hanson told KTRH, " It's a return to his and Obama's policy of what I call cringing capitulation."

One nation, one world, and far cry from the America first priorities under Donald Trump. "The strength that Trump showed literally advanced a number of American causes" Hanson said, "He pushed the Chinese back on their heels, and so they don't like that, they don't want American strength to be demonstrated in pursuit of America's strategic interests."

And now with Biden at the helm, the other world leaders fully plan to take advantage.

French President Macron probably summed it up best, "It's great to have the U.S. president part of the club and very willing to cooperate."

2021 G7 Summit - Day Three

Photo: Getty Images Europe

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