Democrats’ Grip On Latino Vote Is Slipping

It used to be a given. If you were Hispanic, you voted Democrat. Not anymore.

Republicans are picking up huge numbers of Latino voters across the country. Why is that? It's all about the issues. Hispanics have identified more with the GOP, on key items like the the economy, pro-life, and safety, especially at the border.

"The Hispanic population is turning away from the Democrat party because it's not the party of yesteryear" said Maria Espinoza, former congressional candidate and current national director of the Remembrance Project, which helps families victimized by violent illegal aliens. "I was raised Democrat, my Dad came here legally from Mexico, but here the Democrat party has turned to communism and socialism."

Those radical views of the left are only getting worse. And while Democrats used the border to bash Donald Trump, they have made a massive error in judgement in trying to use the current crisis as a sympathy card.

The Democrats may think, that by letting thousands of illegal aliens flood in to our country, they are setting up a group of lifetime voters. But to Hispanic voters? It's a terrible mistake.

"Hispanics are very upset with what's going on at the border" Espinoza told KTRH, "We also know that law and order is important, and the Democrats are trying to abolish ICE. This is an attack, the Biden-Harris administration has a war on Hispanics." She also noted the disastrous trip to Guatemala and Mexico for V.P. Kamala Harris, who has yet to visit our southern border.

In response, Hispanics have let their voices be heard at the ballot box. Former President Trump picked up huge gains in both 2016, and in 2020, and here in Texas? "Four counties the last election cycle turned Republican" Espinoza said, and that includes the historic win in McAllen for new Republican Mayor Javier Villalobos, who recently told FOX News that many Democrat Hispanics are 'opening their eyes'.

"We're seeing that people are doing their own investigating, and their own research" Espinoza said. "What Hispanics want is a safe community where they can raise their children and families, pay their taxes, and work hard, just like every other American."


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