Biden Administration: The Largest Gun Registration And Confiscation Scheme

If you can't beat 'em? Just sign an Executive Order!

That's how they do it in the Biden Administration when it comes to gun laws, and the 2nd Amendment.

Unable to pass legislation due to a lack of 50 or 60 votes, Joe Biden can just break out the pen to make things happen.

The latest? Giving the ATF the green light to go after stabilizing braces for hand guns. Under the rule proposal, firearms with those braces would be considered illegal, and could affect up to 40 million gun owners here in the U.S.

Alan Rice, spokesman for GOA (gun owners of America), told KTRH the rule makes absolutely no sense, since the ATF already approved the braces.

"The firearms that they are attached to are pistols, hand guns" Rice said, "ATF is now changing the rules, and saying they were wrong to issue these rulings. These are actually short barrelled rifles subject to regulation under the National Firearms Act."

Which would lead to confiscation, disabling, fines, and even up to 10 years in prison.

Rice did credit Texas for it's big win during the legislative session with the passing of Constitutional Carry which is set to become law. But he's not surprised that Biden, and the ATF, are firing back.

"We're up against an administration that is hostile to firearms ownership, we're up against an agency that has for decades not been happy to enforce the laws that Congress writes" he said. "They want to write law, and make their own law, and obviously we are looking forward to the 2022 elections."

Photo: Brad Newgard

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