Dems Master Plan: Abolish ICE, Advance Reparations & Government Health Care

You've heard a lot about the Biden tax increases that are coming, infrastructure, and even the green new deal.

Also coming this summer, the Democrats latest radical rollout. It's called the 'Third Reconstruction'.

Led by, and funded by, billionaire backer George Soros, along with 30 Democrats, the Poor People's Campaign will be coming soon to a city near you.

"It involves members of Congress who are extreme leftist's, along with the violent groups like ANTIFA, and BLM" said political analyst Vlad Davidiuk. "It doesn't matter whose name is on the front of the check, they're basically undermining the American idea."

Instead, they have their own radical idea about what our nation should be like, thanks to a stunning wish-list of items on their agenda.

The group, which actually tries to identify themselves as 'anti-racist', want to abolish ICE, provide welfare payments for illegal immigrants, and remove the penalties for the violent protestors who did so much damage rioting, and looting last summer.

There is also automatic voter registration, single payer health care, reparations, free housing, and the cancellation of student debt. "Those are things that are not only unrealistic" Davidiuk told KTRH, "They are wildly impossible."

But they are hoping to make them possible, if they can do away with the filibuster, and that means going after Democrat Senator Joe Manchin for his decision not to support H.R. 1. "Joe Manchin and other Democrats of conscience are standing in their way" Davidiuk said, "They are passionately pursuing their goal of seizing control of all elections, because they are adamant in making sure they don't get rejected at the ballot box again."

The socialism tour is expected to start this summer, and run for a year.

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