It could be my imagination - but is headlight glare getting worse?

Complaints of headlight glare are becoming more common, and David Aylor of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says it's not just the brightness of the lamp. "There is a federal standard for the intensity of light. BUT - the bigger issue is the actual aim of headlights and where they are pointed." Aylor says there's improvement coming but slowly. "Manufacturers are trying to address this problem. It will take some time for it to permeate the market. The average age for a vehicle is about 11 years."

He says the number of tall pick-ups and S.U.Vs in Texas can make driving difficult for drivers of shorter cars. "Manufacturers need to adjust the aim of the headlights and make sure they are pointed in the right place to produce enough visibility for the driver, but not cause glare for upcoming cars." Aylor says it will take years for manufacturers to catch up to making their vehicles more night-driving friendly.

Photo: GettyImages

Headlight glare getting worse?Photo: Moment RF

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