Critical Race Theory: Have Catholic Schools Gone 'Woke'?

Just when you thought it was safe to send your kids back to school.

The war against 'Critical Race Theory' is not over here in Texas. Yes, there is a new law banning CRT from being taught in Texas public schools. But that law does not apply to private Catholic schools.

"It is something we should be worried about here in Houston, because it is present here in Houston" said University of Houston Baptist Professor Shannon Holzer. "There are whole groups of people who are within the Catholic church, who are really politically oriented to the left."

And Dr. Holzer should know, having dealt with the issue first hand with one of his own kids who attends a private Catholic school. He says the push for CRT is usually an inside job, with a radical teacher or parent becoming vocal. "They're on the opposite end of the political spectrum" Holzer told KTRH, "They're Marxists, and they believe this is the way things should go. They will influence the school as much as they can, and that's usually how it creeps in."

But not without a fight. There has been pushback. In Florida, which became the 7th state to ban CRT, Dr. Grazie Christie, who is the senior policy advisor for the Catholic Association told KTRH, "Battles are being fought. Parents are setting up websites where they expose the different ways kids are being indoctrinated. We're riding a wave of parents waking up and saying no, this is not what we want our children to learn in school, especially not Catholic school."

Unfortunately, at the same, CRT is still being taught at several Catholic schools across the country, even though the curriculum goes completely against the gospel.

"CRT is itself a racist ideology" Christie said, "People are different according to the color of their skin, according to their race. If you are white, you are of an oppressor class, and little kids who have never oppressed anyone are being taught that they are bad people."

Simply put, CRT is reverse racism. And sadly, some Catholic schools, have gone 'woke'.

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