Does The GOP Need To Embrace Trump? Or Move Away To Win In 2022 And Beyond?

With all the damage that has already been done by the Biden administration, the countdown has begun to the 2022 mid-terms.

Former President Donald Trump is still the leader of the Republican party, but some are suggesting that the GOP try to go it alone.

The issues speak for themselves. Massive Democrat spending, skyrocketing inflation, the crisis at the border, and crime levels at an all-time high.

But SMU political science professor Cal Jillson told KTRH, he's not sure if Trump should be the the guy to go against Biden. "I think that Donald Trump is an acquired taste, and the Republican party really loves him" he said, "But I think the rest of the country is enjoying the calm."

Trump has a big meeting next week in New Jersey, where he's going to meet with the Republican Study Committee to discuss the conservative agenda. A meeting that normally doesn't take place with someone who is coming off of a loss. But as political analyst Luke Macias points out, Trump is not just anyone.

"There's no doubt he has changed the standard for what people expect" Macias told KTRH, "They actually wanted elected officials who do what they say they're going to do, stop making excuses, and somebody who is not going to be controlled by the failed politicians who have been in our party for so long."

The Trump effect is still in affect, and next years elections should be very telling, with Republicans looking forward to taking back the House and the Senate. "Is this what Republican voters want moving forward?" Macias said, "And the answer is absolutely yes! That's what they're looking for, and honestly I think it's what we need to ensure that we're able to advance the policies that we care about."

Trump & DeSantis

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