More Proof That The Covid Death Stats Are Greatly Exaggerated

In yet another story that you won't hear about from the mainstream media, counties across the country are lowering the Covid death toll numbers.

It turns out, every single death during the pandemic was -not- due to the Corona virus.

"We knew right from the beginning this would happen" said Dr. Richard Urso, an infectious disease specialist. "I'm not surprised to see the numbers down."

Another factor is that they changed the protocol coincidentally, right after Joe Biden took office. One county in liberal California, just lowered it's death toll by 25%.

During 2020, while Donald Trump was still in office, pretty much every single death was attributed to Covid. Old age, cancer, even the infamous story of a guy who was killed in a motorcycle crash, but they said it was due to Covid-19.

"Clearly that was misconstrued data" Dr. Urso told KTRH, "They were misdiagnosing people, and this was happening over and over and over."

Sadly, we now know clearly that the virus was politicized, and used as a weapon against Donald Trump. Even worse, the mainstream media has boasted about how the U.S. is leading the world in Covid deaths.

"Many of the diagnosis were overblown" said Dr. Urso, "There's a difference between dying of Covid, rather than from Covid."

Dr. Urso also pointed out that they could have saved roughly 85% of all lives, just with early treatment. "It's an embarrassment that we neglected early treatment."

And in breaking news that you will also not hear from the corporate media, new data from Japan shows that the Covid vaccine is causing build-up and inflammation in women's ovaries.

"It's shocking" Urso told KTRH, "We really need to stop this vaccine in child bearing age women, we shouldn't be vaccinating the Covid recovered, young people, or definitely not pregnant women."


Photo: AFP

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