Woke Is Not Broke: How Businesses Are Cashing In On Being Woke

Go woke, go broke? Apparently not.

In addition to the big cash grab that is BLM, 'woke' speaking engagements have become extremely lucrative.

"Figures like Ta-Nehisi Coates, Ibram X Kendi, and Robin DiAngelo routinely charge $10, $20, $30, even $40k for a one hour appearance" said Charles Fain Lehman, fellow at the Manhattan Institute, "Big money in the woke business."

And on top of the outrageous fees, Lehman says the woke speakers receive several other perks as well! "Four star hotels, private transportation, first class airfare" he said. "Even what has to be in the green room before the event." But it's all about helping people right?

More and more big companies have gone woke, and as a result, have received backlash for their political views. But even in states like here in Texas, despite the push-back, these left corporations are doing it because it helps their bottom line.

Lehman poses the question "Why are big businesses signaling affiliation with these progressive causes? Why are they changing their profile pictures to support Black Lives Matter?" he said, "and I think the story is woke labor."

Being 'woke' has become an attraction for many big companies. "They're trying to appeal to a set of people that they want to have, or keep in their company" Lehman told KTRH, adding that it's become a new perk, "Many people get their health insurance through their jobs, or you might get a gym membership, and you can add this as a benefit."
If that were not the case, these companies would not do it.

Nobody knows how long there will be 'woke', because America is now 'awake'. Lehman also pointed out that a lot of these issues, that are really reverse racism, will not hold up legally.

Coca Cola

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