The Great Conservative Migration Is Making Red States Even More Red

In Texas we have the crisis at the border with the flood of illegal immigration (thanks to the Biden administration). And at the same time, there is also what they are calling 'The Great Conservative Migration'.

Simply put, it's thousands of God fearing, USA loving, faith filled families leaving the tyranny, and mismanagement of 'blue states', to live the good life in our nation's number one 'Red State'.

"I think there a lot of conservatives that are starting to open their eyes, and realize that there are certain things that this country stands for" said Josh Green, author on American Thinker. "If you want to keep those you're going to have to work them" Green said in a well written piece about the mass exodus that ramped up last year when the Covid lockdowns went out of control.

But it wasn't just due to the government overreach. Green says conservative concerns have been there for years, and last year, was the last straw.

"There are leftists in our country that really want to destroy the basic institutions of our country" Green told KTRH, "And the way the election went this past November, it's been like a splash of cold water. There's something not right here."

The fact that so many people are leaving 'blue states' for 'red states' is a really big deal. But not surprisingly, you won't hear a thing about it on the mainstream media because it makes Democrat leaders look bad.

Instead, when the left does mention it? It's only about the prospects of that state turning blue. "I think they're trying to spin it as if this migration is going to take the red states and turn them blue" Green said, "But I just don't see that happening. You see this a lot in Texas where they talk about Texas turning blue in every election, and in every election Republicans still win."

In addition to the Covid chaos, Green says there's another factor. "I have a lot of hope and optimism, and I think a lot of it has to do with what Donald Trump accomplished."

But Green says it's not over yet, and there is still a lot of work to be done. And he also added this reminder, "Ronald Reagan was right, the loss of our liberty is only one election away."

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