Amazon calls you about a problem but you don't have an Amazon account.

Robocalls like the latest Amazon scam are becoming common. The surge in scam calls from what sound like valid companies is annoying, and Youmail CEO Alex Quilici says they're dangerous. "There's a host of different types of these scams. 'We need your bank account information to give you your refund.' And then there's one that tells you, 'In order to fix the problem with your billing you have to download this software into your computer.' That way they can take over your computer." Quilici says just the Amazon scam calls have exploded to 150 million a month. They have just exploded in the last 90 days or so. He gives you this advice. "Generally, don't answer the phone if you don't know who's calling. And get a robocall app like Youmail. That's because we know how to filter out those calls."

Phone Scammers are Getting Smarter Every Day!

Quilici says they are getting more clever as their numbers grow. "In general, Corporate Imposter Scams have gone up dramatically in the past year. That's like when Marriott calls up to tell you about your free vacation."

Click here to download the Youmail robocall scam blocker app.

Telemarketer robocall scam: legislation for smartphone with gavel

Corporate Robocall Scams increasingPhoto: iStockphoto

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